LINUO Heatpipe Solar Vacuum Tube Collector

LINUO Heatpipe Solar Vacuum Tube Collector

FOB Price:
USD 100-120 / Square Meter
Min.Order Quantity:
10 Square Meter
Supply Ability:
64000 Set per Year
Place of Origin:
Jinan, China
Payment Terms:
L/C, T/T
Linuo Paradigma
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  • Brand Name: Linuo Paradigma

    Model Number: R58-1812/18/24/30

    Place of Origin: Jinan, China

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  • Packaging Details: Carton
  • Delivery Detail: 60 days


Evacuated heat pipe technology


1. Evacuated tubes based on the thermos flask principle and consisting of two concentric glass tubes and an evacuated gap to prevent heat loss.

2. Highly selective absorber layer on the inner glass tubes (AI/ALN,) which enables an optimum energy yield.

3. Aluminium heat transfer plate to provide an optimum heat transfer medium system.

4. Copper heat pipes transfer the extracting heat effectively.

5. Rock wool insulation with an aluminium lamination in order to prevent heat loss in the manifold.

6. Compression ring fitting (Ø 22 mm) for flow and return which enable a safe and easy-to-install pipework connections.

7. The most common working fluid is waterfor ambient temperatures of - 30 °C to an operating temperature to 90 °C.


Heat pipes made in China

The evacuated heat pipe technology uses the maximum fraction of solar irradiation at minimum ambient temperatures of -30  °C and maximum operating temperatures to 90 °C.


Key benefits:

- High collector efficiency of medium temperature suitable for pressurized and non-pressurized solar thermal applications.

- Due to the rapid heat conductivity evacuated heat pipe collectors are suitable for solar thermal applications in cooler areas with low ambient temperatues.*

- Well-known indestructibility of the evacuated heat pipe collectors according to DIN EN 12975-2.

Recommended application areas:

Hot water generation and heating support.


*in dependence on the respective heat transfer medium.

Scope of delivery

Fully pre-assembled unit comprising

- 12 - 30 evacuated heat pipes,

- manifold with direct flow heat conduction unit and dry tube connection.

Collectors are packed in individual boxes. In addition, there is a sun protection sheet over the evacuated heat pipe collector.


Installation types

Pitched roof, flat roof, on-wall.


Advantages and benefits

- Short installation times due to complete pre-assembled collectors.

- Manageable module sizes for a very high performance and a quick and easy installation. 

- Highly efficient thermal insulation.

- Flow and return pipes may be filled on the left or the right side of the manifold.

- High flexibility due to the different widths and lengths of the collectors.

- Pressurized and non-pressurized operation.

- Season independent operation depending on the heat transfer medium.

Performance characteristics

- Rapid thermal conductivity.

- High energy yield and low heat loss due to the high vacuum of the evacuated tubes.

- Operating at minimum ambient temperatures of -30 °C to maximum operating temperatures of 90 °C.

- Two loop system to constantly maintain a good water quality and to ensure water on cold days due to the anti-freezing medium in the solar circulation loop and an easy integration of other energy supplies.


 Series   R58-1812 R58-1818  R58-1824  R58-1830
 Number of evacuated tubes   12 18 24 30
 η in relation to aperture, EN 12975 % 72.1 72.1 72.1 72.1
 a1 with wind, in relation to aperture   W/(m2k) 2.252 2.252 2.252 2.252
 a2 with wind, in relation to aperture   W/(m2k2) 0.0018 0.0018 0.0018 0.0018
 Grid dimensions (length x height x depth)   m 1.91x0.97x0.11 1.91x1.42x0.11 1.91x1.87x0.11 1.91x2.32x0.11
 Gross area  m2 1.85 2.71 3.57 4.43
 Aperture area  m2 1.22 1.82 2.43 3.04
 Collector contents   l 0.638 0.961 1.285 1.608
 Weight   kg 36 54 72 90
 Max. operating pressure   Mpa 0.8 0.8 0.8 0.8
 Max. stagnation temperature  °C 245 245 245 245
 Glass tube material       borosilicate glass 3.3
 Selective absorber coating material       AL-Nx-Cu
 Glass tube (Ø ext./Ø int./wall thickn./tube lgth.)   mm  58/47/1.6/1800  58/47/1.6/1800  58/47/1.6/1800  58/47/1.6/1800
 Colour (aluminium frame profile, anodised)   aluminium grey    
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Verified Supplier - Linuo Paradigma Co., Ltd. Bussiness Type:  Manufacturer
Scale:  501 - 1000 People
Country/Region:  China (Mainland)/Asia
Established:  2017
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